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On September 25th, 2004 the Obirame Restoration Group experienced its first reintroduction event by releasing 1800 juvenile OBIRAME into several tributaries of the Shiribestu River.

A baby of Ito released into Riv.Shiribetsu.
OBIRAME baby swimming finely on a day after release.
Photo by Mr. Yoshifusa Suzuki

All the juveniles had hatched and were raised in tanks run by the Obirame Restoration Group. Since 2003, the group has been hatching and raising Obirame juveniles using only wild adult parents. This way we can maintain the genetic biodiversity critical to long-term conservation. The group has also identified the optimal conditions and locations for releasing juveniles. All this came about through the careful preparation of the Obirame Restoration Group.

In preparation for our big day, Mr. Hiroshi Kawamura (the chief researcher at Hokkaido Prefectural Fish Hatchery) cut dorsal fin clips from all juveniles. This will allow us, as well as anglers and other Obirame conservation stakeholders, to know if our reintroduction work is successful. Dr. Kaneaki Edo (conservation biologist) and his monitoring team has begun detailed research of the environmental conditions of the Ito rivers. All our events and conservation actions are in accordance with IUCN's guidelines for re-introduction. All Obirame Restoration Group's events are open to the public.

Obirame juveniles reach maturity between 4- years. During this period, the Obirame Restoration Group plans to construct fishways on various dams to allow for natural migration of the obirame.

Records of releasing (2004-2009)
season/year number of Obirame juveniles name of river

1500 (hatched in 2004)



1700 (hatched in 2004) KUDOSAN
fall/2007 2800 (hatched in 2007) KUDOSAN
spring/2008 1160 (hatched in 2007) KUDOSAN


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