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References of Ito

Edo, K. 2000. The structure and dimensions of redd and egg pockets of the endangered salmonid, Sakhalin taimen. Journal of Fish Biology 56, 890-904

SUMMARY: Each redd of the Sakhalin taimen Hucho perryi had a V-shaped pot that is specific to this species. The shape of each multiple-egg-pocket redd was a combination of one-egg-pocket redd, and the number of egg pocket in the redd could be estimated from the shape. False redds wer small and did not have any V-shape pots. The factors affecting redd size were examined numerically; consequentry, numbers of egg pocket contained 11-920 eggs (mean: 546.7 plusminus 95% CL 81.9) and the egg pocket depth was correlated significantly with female fork length. Mean number of redds per female was three, and the number of females could be estimated as one third of the redds.


Abstract. A link between stream geomorphology and lotic ecosystems was demonstrated by quantitatively examining the precise locations of salmonid redds with respect to the planform geometry of streams using a differential global positioning system. A total stream distance of 59 km was surveyed in 17 streams, in which a total of 309 redds of Sakhalin taimen (Hucho perryi) were recorded. The average size (±SD) Of these redds was 227± 60 cm in length and 122 ±42 cm in width. A meta-analysis of these data showed that channel sinuosity was significantly greater at sites where Sakhalin taimen redds were constructed than the average stream sinuosity. This salmonid preference for highly sinuous reaches was detected when the sinuosity index was calculated at 50-m increments and became insignificant at greater distance increments. This habitat-sinuosity relationship will be more pronounced in streams with only moderately sinuous channels, less abundant large woody debris, and higher spawner densities.

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