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In other hand, the Obirame Restoration Group has begun to restore the nature of the Shiribetsu River.

The 1st dam of KUDOSAN River. Summer in 2007.
New Fishladder of the 1st dam. Early summer in 2008.
The 3rd dam of KUDOSAN River. Fall in 2008.
Building the special fishladder in winter 2009.

February 2009.

Photographs by Iwase Haruo, Kawamura Hiroshi and Hirata Tsuyoshi.

We are trying take away the causes of the extinction, for example, many dams stop ITOs swimming up and down the streams.

Since 2006, we have been collaborated with Shiribeshi Subprefectural Office of Hokkaido Government to build special fishladders for ITOs on 5 dams in Kudosan River, one of the tributaries of Shiribetsu River, and on spring 2009, we will achieve 3 of 5.


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